HP Hood LLC Benefits from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technology

HP Hood LLC is one of the largest dairy operators in the U.S with several well-known dairy brands. Their facilities require systems that provide precise temperature and pressure control and reliable power for its operations. To reduce operating costs, HP Hood LLC implemented an energy management and cost-reduction system in its Winchester, VA facility.

Washington Gas was tasked with bringing natural gas to two separate locations on the project site while avoiding any operational disruption. With no room for downtime or delayed processing, the project required a system upgrade to accommodate the addition of two new boilers while continuing normal operations. The project also required a system that was flexible enough to maintain specific temperature and pressure requirements with sustainable power to reduce costs.

Coordinated efforts with ZF Energy, the facility’s energy developer and operator, allowed for an efficient and seamless scheduled installation of a CHP 15-megawatt cogeneration turbine and advanced technology thermal management system. The facility was scheduled to close one day for a national holiday and Washington Gas worked overtime to complete the system upgrade and maintenance on that single day.

Installation of the new energy management system allowed HP Hood LLC to remain operational during construction while also completing the project two months ahead of schedule. Utilizing CHP to provide electricity and process heating has contributed to a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and improved energy intensity by 24 percent.

In addition to a 15 percent reduction in overall energy costs, the dairy operator also reduced maintenance costs by almost 30 percent. With an expected four-year return on investment, the system will increase operational cost savings and efficiency.

“Using natural gas to fuel our combined heat and power system was essential for this project to make economic sense for Hood,” said Dennis McNutt, Sustainability and Energy Manager at HP Hood LLC. “Natural gas is cost competitive, reliable and an efficient fuel source. Washington Gas and ZF Energy Development were trusted partners in developing our CHP system. They were able to meet an accelerated development timeline to enhance our existing natural gas service necessary for CHP while at the same time, allowed us to remain operational during construction of the project.”

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