Virginia Business has gone digital, and thousands of readers approve. Building on the success of our awarding-winning magazine, we’ve developed popular electronic products to meet an ever-expanding demand for reliable business news. In addition to our print products, subscribers now can enjoy Virginia Business online and through mobile applications. Our electronic newsletters — Daily e-News and CRE Intel — have a loyal and growing subscriber base. Plus, we’re engaging readers via Twitter,
Facebook and online videos that feature unique content.

Thanks to our large range of digital products, advertisers now can reach a high-quality audience not found anywhere else. So, anybody engaged in business-to-business promotion needs to consider our digital offerings.

Look through this media kit to discover more about our digital readers and products. Then, call our advertising representatives. They’ll help you find the perfect way to reach the people who need to learn about your company is the Internet version of Virginia Business.

The site contains all the copy found in the magazine’s print edition, magazine archives and breaking news stories written by our staff. Also available are online versions of our: Site Selection Guide, Meeting Planner, Best Places to Work, Fantastic 50, Super CPAs and Legal Elite. Access to the site is free.

The site averages approximately 100,000 page views per month and over 47,000 unique visitors per month. Our site’s visitors are people who are comfortable with technology and the Internet. Readers primarily come from Virginia, especially its major metropolitan areas, but some are from elsewhere in the United States and abroad. Our website is an excellent location for advertising. accommodates a wide variety of ads that are linked to advertisers’ sites, giving potential customers a quick, easy way to connect with advertisers and to learn more about who they are and what services or products they provide.

Daily E-News

Daily e-News is an online news service owned and operated by Virginia Business.

Daily e-News arrives via email and enjoys a robust open rate. We provide staff generated copy as well as links to important articles in leading Virginia publications. Copy is clear, concise and lively, and focuses on commercial activities across the state. Subscriptions are free. Advertising is embedded in the email with links to advertisers’ Internet sites.

Daily e-News subscribers are people who want the latest information on the most important economic events in Virginia. They are comfortable with Internet technology and communications. The number of subscribers has more than doubled in the past year. Our readership is almost 20,000 and is growing daily. Readers work in every sector and include executives, elected officials, educators, accountants, attorneys and financiers.

CRE Intel

CRE Intel is the most focused of all Virginia Business’ products. This weekly newsletter covers the entire state’s commercial real estate sector in depth. Our staff reports on activities in every part of Virginia, and readers are based in large, medium and small markets. Subscriptions are free.

CRE Intel is delivered mid-day on Mondays via email. Advertising is embedded in the email, and links embedded in the email take readers to the advertiser’s site.

CRE Intel readers are actively engaged in commercial real estate. They want immediate, reliable news about activities in their home markets as well as elsewhere in Virginia. Subscribers are involved in every aspect of real estate and work as attorneys, executives, investors, realtors, suppliers, economic development officials and owners of construction firms.

Reaching every part of the commonwealth, the newsletter has more than 12,000 subscribers, and readership is growing weekly.


Readers now can enjoy Virginia Business on their tablets and mobile phones, thanks to a free application available in the Apple, Google Play and Kindle stores. Digital versions of individual issues and annual subscriptions are available. Using the application, mobile device users can view a page-turning version of the magazine on their screens.

For advertisers, mobile readership is an excellent, value-added proposition. All ads in the print edition are also in the mobile edition at no extra charge. Plus, viewers can link to a company through its ad by simply tapping the mobile device’s screen. This takes them directly to a web address designated by the advertiser.

Mobile readers of Virginia Business are people who are comfortable with technology and the Internet. They want the ease of access that our mobile application provides to the award-winning content of our magazine. Ask your sales representative today about new mobile opportunities.

Digital Media Kit