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Robert Fitzgerald’s company might be considered part of the support crew for an aircraft that carries no pilot or passengers. His staff is on call 24-7 to ensure that the military gets the video images it needs from unmanned aerial vehicles as they fly over dangerous places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) like the Air Force Predator are piloted by remote control. They offer a fast, safe means of reconnaissance that can pinpoint potential dangers and provide other vital information to troops on the ground. “UAVs can provide persistent surveillance capability,” says Fitzgerald, president of Newport News-based Bosh Global Services (formerly UAV Communications Inc.). “They can stay in the air 24-plus hours without refueling.”

A 22-year veteran of the Air Force, Fitzgerald started the company after realizing the need for support services (such as communications, networking and video services) for unmanned systems. “This is a niche market that was being underserved,” he says. “It’s one of the few growth industries in the Department of Defense. It’s continued to grow even with budget cuts.”

Bosh designed and installed most of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations Center (UASOC) supporting the Predator. The UASOC is the information hub that provides each Predator pilot with vital data. The company also designed, set up and managed the information systems that allow the Air Force to operate an unmanned aircraft from two separate locations.

Bosh has 105 employees based in more than nine states. Most work at military installations. The company’s revenue rose 2,235.21 percent from 2004 to 2007, the period tracked in the Fantastic 50 program. Last year, annual revenue increased from $7 million $11.5 million.

Recently the company has diversified its offerings, prompting the name change. “Our transition to Bosh Global Services supports the growth of the company,” Fitzgerald says. “The new name is more reflective of the company’s services, clients and markets.”

In addition to working with unmanned systems, the company provides classified networking services for the government as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance services in a top-secret environment. “We can analyze photos, imagery or signals,” Fitzgerald says

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