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Jason J. Ham

Litten & Sipe LLP

Title: Partner

Other legal specialties: Civil litigation

Birthplace:  Isle of Wight, England

Education: Bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude), Le Moyne College; law degree (magna cum laude), Washington and Lee University School of Law; graduate, National Institute for Trial Advocacy

Children:  Jack (11) and Alex (8)

Hobbies or pastimes:  Cycling, swimming and traveling

First job as a lawyer:  Litten & Sipe

Fan of: Motorsports

Favorite vacation spot:  Lewes, Del.

Recently read books: “Valhalla Rising” by Clive Cussler

Career mentor:  Donald D. Litten, Esquire.

You are town attorney for New Market and Dayton and county attorney for Shenandoah County. What sort of responsibilities do you have in those positions?  Localities, like other entities, have contracts with others, sue and are sued, hire and fire employees, but also tax and pass laws.  I am involved in all of that and in strategy sessions designed to obtain the best outcome possible in whatever the issue of the day is. I am also a litigator, which is helpful both in being able to perform that service for my municipal clients and in steering them clear of trouble.

What are the biggest problems facing small towns and rural counties? Recruiting and retaining talented employees.  Small towns and rural counties have complicated challenges and have to follow many of the same rules as everyone else, but with less resources, and they compete for some of the same talented folks as larger localities do. Economic development is also a significant challenge given the general trend towards urbanization.

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