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Tameeka Montgomery Williams

Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia

Legal specialties:  Family law, consumer law
Birthplace: Philadelphia
Education: Bachelor’s degree, Old Dominion University; law degree, Regent School of Law
Spouse: Elliott E. Williams
Children:  Tia, Tamia, Ethan
Hobbies or pastimes: Do-it-yourself home and garden projects and spending time with my family.
First job as a lawyer: Staff attorney with Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia
Fan of: I root for the Philadelphia Eagles, but I generally support all of Philly’s sports teams.
Favorite vacation spot:  Anywhere warm and sunny.
Recently read book: “Bud, Not Buddy” by Christopher Paul Curtis, with my 10-year-old son.
Career mentors: Over the years, I have admired and learned from many great attorneys and judges, but I will specifically name Phillip Boone, one of my first managing attorneys, and Marcus Scriven, as my career mentors.

How did you decide to become a legal services attorney?
I decided to become a legal services attorney because I want to help people who cannot afford legal representation. I also wanted courtroom experience early in my career as well as the opportunity to interact directly with clients.

What was your most memorable case?  
I remember a custody case from a few years ago. Before I became involved in the case, the client stated that she felt that the opposing attorney and other agencies had joined up against her. I advocated for her both in and out of the courtroom. I will never forget how grateful she was for my services. She told me it meant so much to her that her voice had finally been heard.

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