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Beth P. Bradberry
The Roseline Financial Group LLC

Beth P. Bradberry
The Roseline Financial Group LLC, Richmond

Title: Partner
Birthplace: Radford
Education:  Virginia Tech, bachelor’s degree in business, accounting major
Spouse: Todd Bradberry
Children: John (attending VCU) and Emma (attending Virginia Tech)
Pets:  Two Labs, Gus and Luna
Hobbies: Running, gardening
Favorite vacation spot:  Hilton Head Island, S.C.
Fan of: Virginia Tech football and VCU basketball
Recently read book: “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall
First accounting job: Staff accountant at KPMG in Roanoke

What should be done to simplify U.S. individual taxes? 
“Our current tax laws have developed over time, under varying economic and political conditions.  Generally, the attempt is to place higher burdens on higher income, while promoting certain investments and behaviors. The goals may be noble, but the resulting tax system has become very complex and unclear.  I hope to see a more fair tax code.  Income taxes should raise revenue while promoting charity and personal and economic growth.”

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