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Sherry A. Fox

ThompsonMcMullan PC

Other legal specialties: Civil litigation, local government law and representation of constitutional officers
Birthplace: Queens, New York
Education: Bachelor’s degree, George Mason University; law degree, Washington and Lee University School of Law
Spouse: Travis
Children: Two children, daughter is 7 and son is 3.
Hobbies or pastimes:  Kickboxing, wreath making and decorating
First job as a lawyer: I am still with the firm that hired me as a baby lawyer!
Fan of: I am a Dallas Cowboys fan by marriage
Favorite vacation spot: Any location that includes a beach or history and always somewhere there is good food to be had.
Recently read book: “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” in tandem with my 7 year old.
Career mentors: J. Christopher Morris

How did you become involved in helping families with adoptions?
Before law school, I worked as a legal assistant to an adoption attorney where I saw firsthand the impact of adoption on the lives of the families we served.  I then decided this was an area I would pursue when I received my law degree. I had the good fortune of landing at ThompsonMcMullan where my managing partner, Chris Malone, has a robust adoption practice and was willing to show me the ropes.

What trends are you seeing in family law?
With the legalization of same-sex marriage, I am being contacted more and more by same-sex couples wishing to adopt outright as a couple or to perform step-parent adoptions to allow one spouse to be legally deemed the parent of the other spouse’s child.

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