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A sampling of gifts and pledges of $25,000 or more made or announced to Virginia nonprofits in 2017.

Donor Location Donation recipient Donation amount
The Late Macon F. Brock Jr. and Joan Brock Virginia Beach Randolph-Macon College $20,286,559
Hunter Jones Smith Charlottesville College of William & Mary 15,000,000
Hunter Smith/Hunter Smith Family Foundation 1 Charlottesville University of Virginia 10,000,000
The Late Dorothy Arthur Wytheville College of William & Mary 5,200,000
Jane Batten/The Batten Foundation 2 Norfolk University of Virginia 5,000,000
William and Joanne Barkett Conway McLean University of Virginia 5,000,000
The Late Ethelyne Fulcher Daniel Danville Ferrum College 3,400,000
C. Kenneth Wright 3 Richmond Virginia Commonwealth University 3,000,000
Jane Batten Norfolk WHRO Public Media 3,000,000
Robert W. Mitchell Vienna Old Dominion University 3,000,000
The Late Jenny Wible Williamsburg Williamsburg Community Foundation 3,000,000
Mr. Robert W. Mitchell III Vienna Old Dominion University 2,900,000
Peterson Family Foundation Fairfax George Mason University 2,525,000
Glen and Teresa Thomas Forest Liberty University 2,058,557
Stephen M. Cumbie and Druscilla French McLean George Mason University 2,000,000
Dr. George C. Maihafer Norfolk Old Dominion University 1,725,592
Jimmy and Rhonda Thomas Lynchburg Liberty University 1,424,375
David and Michelle Baldacci Vienna Virginia Commonwealth University 1,100,000
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney O. Dewberry Fairfax George Mason University 1,000,000
Dr. Bob Lewis and Judith Lewis Oakton Old Dominion University 1,000,000
Lola Reinsch Arlington Marymount University 1,000,000
Dr. Carol R. Angle 4 Charlottesville University of Virginia 1,000,000
Richard and Roxanne Booth 4 Charlottesville University of Virginia 1,000,000
Cynthia and W. Heywood Fralin 4 Roanoke University of Virginia 1,000,000
Ellen and Michael Geismar 4 Charlottesville University of Virginia 1,000,000
Dr. Molly Hardie and Robert Hardie 4 Charlottesville University of Virginia 1,000,000
Estate of Henry J. Javor 4 Charlottesville University of Virginia 1,000,000
Lacy and Linwood Constance 4 Midlothian University of Virginia 1,000,000
Ethan Lemuel and Sandra Lewis 4 Suffolk University of Virginia 1,000,000
Diane and Timothy Naughton 4 Oakton University of Virginia 1,000,000
Paul and Diane Manning/Manning Family Foundation 4 Charlottesville University of Virginia 1,000,000
Estate of Joanne M. Phillips 4 Charlottesville University of Virginia 1,000,000
Frank M. Sands Jr. 4 Arlington University of Virginia 1,000,000
Frank M. Sands Sr. 4 McLean University of Virginia 1,000,000
Scott Miller and Sharon Virts 4 Leesburg Inova 1,000,000
Gilbert Ribeiro 4 Fairfax Inova 1,000,000
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Simpson Jr. 4 Alexandria Inova 1,000,000
Christine and David Cottrell 5 Urbanna Virginia Commonwealth University 1,000,000
Albert M. Navas Great Falls VMI Foundation 725,514
Dr. Long V. Nguyen and Kimmy Duong McLean George Mason University 600,000
The Kellar Family Foundation 6 Fairfax Inova 500,000
Estate of Jerroleen Elam 6 Coeburn University of Virginia 500,000
Estate of Betty L. Fall 6 Portsmouth University of Virginia 500,000
Richard S. Reynolds Foundations 6 Richmond University of Virginia 500,000
Judy and Harry Wason 6 Williamsburg Virginia Commonwealth University 500,000
John C. Cullather 6 Richmond Virginia Commonwealth University 500,000
Ann Parker and Thomas Gottwald Fund 6 Chesterfield Virginia Commonwealth University 500,000
Rick Sharp Alzheimer's Foundation Richmond Cure Alzheimer's Fund 500,000
William W. Hanlin Lynchburg Liberty University 462,132
Sol W. Rawls Jr. Franklin VMI Foundation 266,855
Brenda and James Pearman Salem Virginia Tech 250,000
Charles R. Stone Amelia Liberty University 217,627
Laurel and Marc Wise Richmond Richmond Montessori School 200,000
James W. Hazel Charlottesville George Mason University 200,000
Harry and Judy Wason Williamsburg College of William & Mary 200,000
Barry and Pam Clarkson Lynchburg Liberty University 183,668
Beverly and Cline Hall Lynchburg Liberty University 138,000
Gordon E. Smith Front Royal Liberty University 128,370
Michael T. Seckman Forest Liberty University 125,000
Peggy Payne Gainesville Liberty University 120,000
Kelli and Scott Overton Suffolk Liberty University 115,191
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation Franklin VMI Foundation 115,000
Evelyn Dotson Ashland Liberty University 110,826
James H. Hatch Richmond Virginia Tech 110,000
Carroll and Nancy Hudson Lynchburg Liberty University 109,600
Francis B. Paca 7 Alexandria Inova 100,000
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Samuelson 7 Oakton Inova 100,000
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Homburger 7 Alexandria Inova 100,000
Tori Thomas McLean Inova 100,000
The Honorable and Mrs. Martin C. Faga 7 Falls Church Inova 100,000
Karen A. Snyder 7 McLean Inova 100,000
Mr. and Mrs. B. Dwight Perry 7 McLean Inova 100,000
The Coleman Family Foundation 7 Clifton Inova 100,000
Dudley Family Foundation 7 McLean Inova 100,000
John and Sue Gerdelman 8 Williamsburg College of William & Mary 100,000
Bruce C. Gottwald Jr. 8 Richmond College of William & Mary 100,000
Barbara and Steve Johnsen 8 Onancock College of William & Mary 100,000
Frances and James McGlothlin 8 Bristol College of William & Mary 100,000
Robert and Susan Trice 8 Arlington College of William & Mary 100,000
Barbara and James Ukrop 8 Richmond College of William & Mary 100,000
Ashby and Joseph Waldo 8 Norfolk College of William & Mary 100,000
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Toups McLean George Mason University 100,000
C. Donald and Roberta Miller Lynchburg Virginia Tech 100,000
Cecil W Bolling Pound Liberty University 79,995
Archie and Carlita Smith Virginia Beach Liberty University 66,366
Andy and Linda Bowling Long Island Liberty University 64,500
Gayle and Turner Gill Forest Liberty University 62,000
Herbert E Maxey III Buckingham Liberty University 53,538
Larrie K. Trent Forest Liberty University 52,985
Mable A. Deas Goode Liberty University 50,780
Lynn Alexis Lee Corey Arlington George Mason University 50,000
Allison and Paul Lombardi Chantilly Virginia Tech 50,000
Joe Coleman Lynchburg Liberty University 50,000
Chris C Langley Lynchburg Liberty University 50,000
Sherry Foutz Roanoke Liberty University 49,500
Bernice G Dudley Lynchburg Liberty University 47,509
Fred B. Caffey Martinsville Liberty University 46,649
Anita and Neal Askew Forest Liberty University 45,500
Jennifer and Watt Foster Brookneal Liberty University 45,000
Carey and Denise Green Evington Liberty University 41,625
Shirley W. Evans Evington Liberty University 40,229
Anne and Til Hazel Broad Run George Mason University 40,000
T. Sherwin Cook Foundation Lynchburg Liberty University 40,000
Sharon and Sonny White Glen Allen Liberty University 38,685
Ivan and Wendy Tepper Forest Liberty University 36,000
Carolyn M. Martin Lynchburg Liberty University 35,599
Edward W. Burnett Ashburn Liberty University 35,182
Jackson Foundation Richmond Science Museum of Virginia 35,000
Heather and Jesse Stephens Forest Liberty University 34,800
Bob Hepp Fairfax Station Liberty University 34,050
William S. Overton Suffolk Liberty University 31,900
William J. Davis Springfield Liberty University 31,631
Milton E. Moyer Powhatan Liberty University 31,385
Bill and Brenda Morris Orange Liberty University 30,535
Zena M. Maggitti Lynchburg Liberty University 30,000
Charles N. Jones Midlothian Liberty University 29,945
William L. Melton Richmond Liberty University 29,892
Susie and Wayne Surface Wytheville Liberty University 29,431
Bill and Vida Parker Moneta Liberty University 29,000
William F. Mausolf Glen Allen Liberty University 28,616
Bonnie T. Noll Lynchburg Liberty University 28,356
Johanna and Matt Schubert Evington Liberty University 27,757
Claude A. Moore Appomattox Liberty University 27,355
Carolyn and David Towles Gladstone Liberty University 27,350
Kathy and Tim Baldree Lynchburg Liberty University 26,385
Linda and William Fessel Glade Spring Liberty University 26,000
Claire R. Pettrone and Dr. Frank A. Pettrone McLean George Mason University 25,000
The Honorable Anthony F. Troy Richmond Science Museum of Virginia 25,000
The Beck Foundation Inc. Fairfax Station George Mason University 25,000

Sources: Websites, news releases/reports, Virginia Business survey

1 $10 million +
2 $5 million to $10 million
3 $3 million+
4 $1 million to $5 million
5 $1 million to $3 million
6 $500,000 to $1 million
7 $100,000-$499,999
8 $100,000+

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