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Larry B. Slipow

Slipow, Robusto & Kellam PC
Virginia Beach

Title: Partner

Birthplace: Richmond

Education: Bachelor’s degree, College of William and Mary; law degree, College of William and Mary Law School

Spouse: Sharon J. Slipow     Children: Johanna (27); Logan (26)

Hobbies or pastimes:  Recreational boating, working out at Wareing’s Gym and reading       

First job as a lawyer: After working as a waiter at the oceanfront and waiting for the bar results, I hung out a shingle with my good friend and equally inexperienced new attorney, John Hooker.  Our first secretary was a fellow server from the restaurant. 

Fan of: College basketball: Duke University; NBA: San Antonio Spurs

Favorite vacation spot: Kauai, Hawaii

Recently read books:    “Red Notice” by Bill Browder; “The Informant” by Kurt Eichenwald

Career mentors: The Hon. Henry L. Lam; Michael Morchower; my mom, Bernice W. Slipow, office manager for the Morchower law firm.  In the first two years, I must have asked the three of them 10,000 questions.

What has been your most memorable case? My first solo murder defense case.  The defendant was charged with killing his mother-in-law in the garage by striking her with a hatchet 17 times.  His explanation was that he mistook her for a large raccoon foraging in the garbage.  Unfortunately, she weighed almost 300 pounds and was wearing an orange mumu dress.

Should more be done to decriminalize drug possession offenses? Marijuana, yes.  Hard drugs, no.  I believe there is a massive waste of manpower, resources and money spent prosecuting cases involving possession of small quantities of marijuana.  Personally, I think use of marijuana should be legalized.  It could be regulated, controlled and taxed, creating a significant source of revenue.  This action would help eliminate some violent criminal activities such as robbery and drug wars related to large scale marijuana distribution.

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