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Albert H. “Bert” Poole

Poole Brooke Plumlee PC
Virginia Beach

Other legal specialties: Commercial real estate; estate planning; asbestos defense litigation
Birthplace: Petersburg
Education: Bachelor’s degree, Virginia Tech; law degree, University of Virginia School of Law.
Spouse: Janice A. Poole
Children: Harrison Poole, Andrew Poole, Scott Poole
Hobbies or pastimes: College football (particularly Virginia Tech football) and automobiles
First job as a lawyer: Trial counsel and then defense counsel in the US Army JAG Corps stationed at Fort Knox, Ky.
Fan of: Virginia Tech Hokies; Washington Redskins
Favorite vacation spot: The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Recently read book: Biography of Gen. George Patton
Career mentors: Too numerous to name!

You are CEO and managing shareholder at your firm. How do you take care of management responsibilities along with your legal practice? 
It is tough to balance the demands between law practice and firm management because both demand a lot of time and attention.  Having a good law firm administrator is invaluable.  You must also develop the ability to delegate legal work when appropriate.  You just can’t do it all yourself.

How can the legal environment for business in Virginia be improved? 
I do believe Virginia is a business friendly state. Our General Assembly has done a good job of enacting statutes that make doing business here easier than in some other states.  If we as lawyers can help guide our General Assembly to not excessively regulate businesses in the future, Virginia will remain attractive to new businesses.

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