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Virginia has released a list of 10 candidate projects for public-private partnerships.

The Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships (OTP3) is seeking input on its Draft 2013 Virginia PPTA Pipeline, which lists candidate and conceptual projects.

For candidate projects, enough work has been done to move them through the screening process so that an informed procurement process can be made. Conceptual projects require additional business and financial analysis before they can move to the screening process for consideration.

Candidate projects included in the Draft 2013 PPTA Pipeline are:

· I-66 Corridor Improvements: This project would consider using managed toll lanes and bus rapid transit on 25 miles of I-66 between the Capital Beltway and Haymarket. The Virginia Department of Transportation issued a request for information last week.

· Air Rights Development: Listed as a conceptual project in the 2012 pipeline, this would be the Virginia Department of Transportation’s first air rights project. The OTP3 office has recommended developing the unused air space over I-66 adjacent to the Rosslyn Metro station and at the East Falls Church Metro station. Revenue would be used for other transportation projects. Air rights is a legal term used to describe the area above or below a transportation facility that can be leased for public or private uses.

· I-64 HOV to HOT Lane Conversion: This proposal, currently under going “high-level” screening by OPT3, considers the conversion of the current high-occupancy lane to dynamic tolling lanes (which typically allow carpoolers to use for free).

· I-64 Peninsula improvements: VDOT is working with the Commonwealth Transportation Board to consider alternative delivery methods for improvements on the corridor between Richmond and Hampton.

· Hampton Roads Crossing Improvements: This includes improvements associated with Patriot’s Crossing (bridge and tunnel network that would connect Interstate 564 in Norfolk to the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel and the Western Freeway in Portsmouth) or the proposal to expand the current Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. VDOT is currently gathering data related to the alternatives, and the agency will work with the Hampton Roads Planning Transportation Organization on selecting the most effective project.

· I-73 Corridor Improvement Project: Office to initiate high-level screening report to determine project’s viability to improve safety and intermodal connections in the Route 220 corridor.

· Route 460/58 Connector: Includes improvements at the intersection of Route 460 and the Suffolk Bypass to I-664, including widening portions of the facility from four to six lanes.

· I-495 Express Lanes Extension: Possibilty of extending dynamic tolling lanes currently on the Beltway.
· Cell Tower/Fiber Optic Opportunities
· Route 460/I-85 Connector: Identified by Tri-Cities Metropolitan Planning Organization as necessary for long-range connectivity for the region.

The conceptual projects include:

· Weigh-In-Motion Truck Validation System: Smart technology for weight and credential checks at highway speeds.
· Availability payments: Concept for statewide transportation projects.
· Wallops Island Visitor and support facilities
· Advertising/Sponsorship opportunities at existing park and ride lots
· Parking facilities opportunities for small retail components at existing park and ride facilities
· New park and ride facilities
· I-81 Managed Travel Lanes System in Roanoke area
· Electric car charging stations at rest areas
· Rest area truck parking facilities
· Route 460 access enhancements for long-term business development on new U.S. 460

“Virginia’s PPTA program is one of our most important tools for tackling large scale infrastructure projects,” Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton said in a statement. “Not only does the private sector provide financial resources that make otherwise impossible projects doable, but, more importantly, it brings innovative new ideas to complex problems that can reduce costs and make projects deliverable more quickly.”

The public can provide feedback on the proposed projects through Aug. 1.

A copy of the pipeline and any of Virginia’s ongoing PPTA projects can be found at:

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