Publisher’s column praised for spotlighting political ‘shenanigans’

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To the Editor,
We are witnessing before our very eyes the re-emergence of the Gilded Age, complete with corrupt politicians, right here in Virginia.

I am writing to thank you for putting a spotlight on the egregious behavior by our elected officials in your editorial in the August 2014 edition of Virginia Business [the OurView column by Publisher Bernie Niemeier]. 

“Tone deaf, mean-spirited” should be read aloud in every secondary school, college, university and city/county council meeting in Virginia to increase the groundswell of public indignation that the article will, or at least should, generate. These shenanigans needed to be exposed, and you have done so with clarity, skill and courage.

I hope that there are enough decent Virginians willing to take the necessary action to end the dishonesty, which hurts us all.

Allen Ayers

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