Letters to the Editor - October 2011

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Shipyard will evolve and continue to improve productivity
To the Editor

Mike Petters presents a vision that is challenging yet obtainable [“Shipyard executive launches new venture,” August issue].  The shipyard will evolve and continue to improve productivity while expanding into other markets where our heavy manufacturing and systems engineering expertise will open new frontiers.  An exciting time to be a shipbuilder!

Kevin Topp

Topp is manager, Systems Engineering, at Newport News Shipbuilding.

To the Editor,

Being a 32-year shipbuilder, I have for years envisioned early retirement and could leave within the next five years. However, I, like Mike, look forward to going to work. I enjoy the challenge and the interaction with the people. There are so many positive attitudes out there. I may just stick around to help out the newer people.

Lowell Cramer

Cramer is an X36 lifting and handling engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding.

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