Letters to the Editor - July 2011

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Antitrust lawsuit should be dropped

To the Editor,

The antitrust action of the Department of Justice against George’s Inc. in acquiring a Tyson Foods poultry plant was a complete surprise. [“Virginia leaders urge caution in handling lawsuit over Harrisonburg poultry plant acquisition,” May 24, VirginiaBusiness.com].

While it certainly is concerning any time that competition decreases, this situation is not an antitrust issue.  It was simply a smaller operation struggling to compete that was rolled into another company. 

Jobs have actually been protected by merging the Tyson operation into George’s.  I am not connected to either company, so I am an unbiased outsider.

This suit should be dropped.   This suit is actually detrimental to the local economy rather than protecting the economy.  This is the complete reverse of what an antitrust suit is supposed to do.

Keith May

Story captured the impact of community foundations

To the Editor,
Thank you for featuring community foundations in your second Generous Virginians Project [“Good works without fireworks,” June issue].

Reporter Gary Robertson captured perfectly the impact of Virginia’s 27 community foundations, which link philanthropists from all walks of life to great causes.

Your entire Generous Virginians section makes me proud to know that philanthropy is a priority with so many people in the commonwealth.
Angelica D. Light
President and CEO
Hampton Roads Community Foundation


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