Homeowner-generated energy could grow in Virginia

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To the Editor:
I enjoyed reading the article in the July ‘07 issue of Virginia Business concerning “The Future of Energy in Virginia.” This was by Mr. Garry Kranz. This was a well written article which covered many of the aspects of Virginia’s energy issues. The only area that was notably absent was that of generation of energy by homeowners. This, of course, includes solar heating of hot water, photovoltaics and wind power, among others.

Certainly those are areas that bypass the big energy-producing companies and may not be of as much interest to a publication such as yours, but the development of those domestically installed systems that I’ve mentioned could become a bigger and bigger part of business activities in Virginia. As a leader in so many other areas, I would like to see that sort of activity developed by businesses in this state which could play an increasing role in the production of such home-installed systems. While such energy sources are not without their costs, they are certainly much more green than all the sources listed in Mr. Kranz’s article

Dr. Paul N. Krop
Virginia Beach

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