Energy needs require a mix of fuel sources

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Thos. E. Capps

Allow me to share a few thoughts in response to your published letter in the September issue by two interns at a Washington advocacy group criticizing emission-free nuclear power.
Their note brings to mind the works and memorable phrases of Lewis Carroll. As far as I know, nobody has figured how to put wind in a bottle or sun in a box, ready for release when needed.

The good citizens of the commonwealth expect something to happen when they flick on their switches. What happens when it is dark outside and the wind becalmed? Renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, are legitimate parts of the fix but can’t carry the entire burden. Not by a long shot.

Our state’s need for new power and related infrastructure is far above the national average. Meeting its needs responsibly will require a mix of technologies and fuel sources, including emission-free nuclear power, as well as an increasing emphasis on renewables and conservation.

Freezing in the dark may be okay where the writers work, but I have serious doubts that most Virginians would put up with that for very long.

Thos. E. Capps

Capps is the retired chairman of the board, president and CEO of Richmond-based Dominion Resources Inc.

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