Virginia pushes use of electric cars

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Virginia’s government is working with statewide industries to promote the use of electric cars in the commonwealth.

Gov. Bob McDonnell said in a statement that he is asked Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton to lead efforts to integrate electric cars into Virginia’s transportation system.

“I am committed to having Virginia state government lead the way and the secretary will be looking for every opportunity to transition existing state vehicles to electric power, and introduce new electric vehicles, at the appropriate times,” McDonnell said in a statement. “The easier we make it for electric cars to operate in the commonwealth, the more we will encourage private citizens and businesses, and local governments and agencies, to purchase these vehicles.”

State and local government, businesses, universities, civic organizations and vehicle manufacturers are working together to improve infrastructure for electric vehicles through the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Project Get Ready.

The Get Ready program will be further defined in the next few months. Infrastructure and vehicle efforts will likely focus on Northern Virginia, Richmond, Hampton Roads and Charlottesville.

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