Virginia localities lead Southeast in personal income

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Four Virginia localities had the highest incomes per person in the Southeast in 2010, according to the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The BEA reported Wednesday that Arlington County, Alexandria, Fairfax County (including the cities of Falls Church and Fairfax) and Goochland County led the 12-state region in per-capita personal income.

However, income growth in the Virginia localities was slower than the national averages for counties of similar size.

Personal income is money received by all persons from all sources, including wage, dividends, interest, rental payments and transfer receipts.

The BEA report looked at per-capita personal income by county. Virginia independent cities, however, were included because they are not included in counties.

The per-capita income numbers for each locality were:
• Arlington: $79,967 in 2010, up 2.9 percent from $77,710 in 2009.
• Alexandria: $76,362, up 2.4 percent from $74,608
• Fairfax: $66,679, up 1.4 percent from $65,785
• Goochland, $61,598, up 3.6 percent from $59,469

The fifth highest per-capital personal income in the Southeast was recorded in Monroe County, Fla.,  which includes the Florida Keys. Its per-capita personal income was $58,799 in 2010, up 4.4 percent from $56,299 in 2009.

The average growth rate for large counties (populations of more than 250,000) was 3.7 percent according to the BEA, while medium-sized counties (50,000 to 249,999) grew 3.6 percent, and small counties (under 50,000) was 3.9 percent.

Arlington and Alexandria (an independent city) are mid-size localities, while Fairfax is large and Goochland is small.

New York County, N.Y., which includes Manhattan, had the highest per-capita personal income nationally in the survey,  $111,386 in 2010, up 6.7 percent from $104,384 in 2009.


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