Virginia firms make up almost 10 percent of Inc. 500

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Forty-eight Virginia firms landed in Inc. magazine’s annual list of the fastest-growing companies.

Defense, IT and government contractors made up most of the businesses. All but eight of the Virginia firms are located in Northern Virginia.

Each year, Inc.releases its list of the 500 fastest-growing businesses in the country. The list assesses revenue growth between 2006 and 2009. To be eligible, companies had to have a minimum revenue of $8,000 in 2006.

NetWitness of Herndon, a cyber-security technology company that provides threat analysis for more than 5,000 organizations around the world, was the highest-ranked Virginia company with a revenue growth of 7,746 percent.

Following are the Virginia firms that were included on the list. The revenues refer to three-year growth period between 2006 and 2009.

-      No. 21. NetWitness of Herndon. Cyber-security technology. Revenues grew 7,746 percent to $19.7 million.

-      No. 23. Octo Consulting Group of Vienna. Provides management and technology consulting for federal agencies. Revenues grew 7,224 percent to $13.7 million.

-      No. 29. Insignia Technology Services of Newport News: IT contractor for the Department of Defense. Revenues grew 6,430 percent to $8.9 million.

-      No. 32. Provideo Management of Sterling: A government and defense contractor that provides acquisition, IT and business operations services. Revenue grew 6,140 percent to $8.8 million.

-      No. 33. IZ Technologies of Ashburn. Provides IT and telecommunications services to Department of Defense. Revenue grew 6,102 percent to $6.3 million.

-      No. 44. Three Pillar Global of Fairfax. Develops IT products for government and commercial customers. Revenue grew 5,003 percent to $5.2 million.

-      No. 53. Microtech of Fairfax. Technology integrator that manages more than half a million technology users a day. Revenue grew 4,200 percent to $185.3 million.

-      No. 63. MMC Systems of Herndon: Consulting and software support to government agencies and large corporations. Revenues grew 3,529 percent to $3.8 million.

-      No. 72. HMS of Arlington. Counterterrorism training and intelligence for government agencies, military and law enforcement. Revenues increased 3,310 percent to $35.1 million.

-      No. 79. Centuria of Dulles. Provides program management, systems engineering and IT support to government agencies. Revenue increased 3,037 percent to $18.1 million.

-      No. 83. Integrity Management Consulting of McLean. Provides program management, capital planning and performance management to public-sector clients. Revenue grew 2,906 perent to $5.3 million.

-      No. 88. ITG Solutions of McLean. IT consulting and engineering to government and commercial customers. Revenue increased 2,765 percent to $13.7 million.

-      No. 101. Clarabridge of Reston. Text analytics software allows companies to interpret text from customer interactions to determine their attitudes and feelings. Revenue grew 2,466 percent to $10 million.

-      No. 121. Vinitech of Reston. IT products and services to government clients. Revenue increased 2,108 percent to $3.4 million.

-      No. 170. Link Solutions of Reston. Provides IT, business operations and information security for government and commercial contractors. Revenue increased 1,651 percent to $3.7 million.

-      No. 174. Invertix of McLean.  Provides technologies to defense, intelligence and public safety communities. Revenue grew 1,629 percent to $34.4 million.

-      No. 189. CFN Services of Herndon. Telecom infrastructure services for enterprise, public sector and carrier markets. Revenue grew 1,531 percent to $3.8 million.

-      No. 218: Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions of Clarksville. Government and commercial contractor providing security, acquisition support, IT, intelligence analysis and other services. Revenues grew 1,347 percent to $4.7 million.

-      No. 221. Modea of Blacksburg. Provides marketing, creative and technology services to consumer brands. Revenue grew 1,335 percent to $3.5 million.

-      No 223. Suntiva Executive Consulting of Falls Church. Provides management consulting services to business executives. Revenue grew 1,334 percent to $10.8 million.

-      No. 231. The Trademark Co. of Vienna.  Offers trademark and brand protection service to small companies. Revenue grew 1,313 percent to $2.1 million.

-      No. 237. Triumph Enterprises of Fairfax. Government contractor providing management consulting and administrative services. Revenue grew 1,293 percent to $9.3 million.

-      No. 246. Technical and Project Engineering of Kingstowne. Engineering, program support and IT for government and commercial clients. Revenue grew 1,241 to $19.4 million.

-      No. 258. EDC Consulting of Vienna. IT and business support to the federal government. Revenue grew 1,200 percent to $9.9 million.

-      No. 266. Knight Point Systems of Dulles. IT strategy and support to the federal government. Revenue grew 1,177 percent to $12 million.

-      No. 269. QSS International of Fairfax. General contractor. Revenue grew 1,156 percent to $2.4 million.

-      No. 271. Invizion of McLean.  Management, technical and consulting services to government and commercial clients. Revenue grew 1,130 percent to $34.8 million.

-      No. 272. Andromeda Systems of Virginia Beach. Engineering design and IT services for government and commercial clients. Revenue grew 1,130 percent to $5.8 million.

-      No. 276. Polu Kai Services of Falls Church. Environmental and construction services to the federal government. Revenue grew 1,113 percent to $16.6 million.

-      No. 287. Clearpath Solutions Group of Herndon. Data and storage management. Revenue grew 1,057 percent to $19.3 million.

-      No. 290. Soft Tech Consulting of Fairfax. Project management, software development and IT services. Revenue grew 1,050 percent to $4.6 million.

-      No. 298. Harkcon of McLean. Wide-ranging consulting firms. Revenue increased 1,010 percent to $2.6 million.

-      No. 328. Morgan Borszcz Consulting of Arlington. Supply chain, architecture and business consulting and project management. Revenue grew 909 percent to $17.6 million.

-      No. 338. GSS Gear of Virginia Beach. Military and tactical products to the military and law enforcement and outdoor equipment for the public. Revenue grew 870 percent to $14.5 million.

-      No. 339. Catapult Consultants of Arlington. Financial management, acquisition service and program management for federal agencies. Revenue grew 865 percent to $7 million.

-      No. 364. WTech of McLean.  Value-added reseller in incentive sales marketing. Revenue increased 815 percent to $59.1 million.

-      No. 367. CenTauri Solutions of Alexandria. Technology and professional services to national security, homeland security and intelligence communities. Revenue increased 811 percent to $13.7 million.

-      No. 409. SBG Technology Solutions of Alexandria. Engineering, IT and educational services to federal and commercial customers. Revenue grew 723 percent to $12.1 million.

-      No. 419. Morton Consulting of Glen Allen. IT and project management for businesses. Revenue grew 709 percent to $5.6 million.

-      No. 424. Millenium of Arlington. Professional and management services for government and commercial clients. Revenue grew 703 percent to $7.7 million.

-      No. 438. IData of Alexandria. Consulting and software services for higher education and research institutions. Revenue grew 683 percent to $2.2 million.

-      No. 450. Savvy Rest of Charlottesville. Mattresses made of organic material. Revenue grew 667 percent to $3 million.

-      No. 453. Phase One Consulting Group of Alexandria. Architecture design, IT and systems integration services for large federal and commercial clients. Revenue grew 663 percent to $18.6 million.

-      No. 460. Kore Federal of Falls Church. High-end IT provider for federal government. Revenue grew 651 percent to $4.3 million.

-      No. 463. Arc Aspicio of Arlington. Management consulting and IT services for homeland security and defense agencies. Revenue grew 648 percent to $4.9 million.

-      No. 466. Marathon Consulting of Virginia Beach. IT consulting for mid-tier businesses, nonprofit organizations and local governments. Revenue increased 644 percent to $2.5 million.

-      No. 480. Deep Water Point of McLean. Consulting firm that helps companies win federal contracts. Revenue increased 623 percent to $4 million.

-      No. 487. Golden Key Group of Charlottesville. Human resources and professional consulting services for federal government. Revenue grew 614 percent to $5.4 million.

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