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Trucking group opposes McDonnell’s proposed tolls on I-95

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A trucking trade group, the Arlington-based American Trucking Associations (ATA),  has joined the chorus of protest over proposed tolls on Interstate 95.

ATA said Tuesday that it is urging the U.S. Department of Transportation to reject an application by the Commonwealth of Virginia to put up toll booths on the interstate.

Virginia’s plans for tolls on I-95 will be bad, not just for trucking companies in the state but for truckers and consumers all across the United States who will bear the expense of increased transportation costs, the ATA said.

“Tolls are taxes, plain and simple. Trucks, as well as cars, need to slow down to pay a toll—thus creating a natural chokepoint for congestion, contributing to increased fuel use and emissions,” said Bill Graves, ATA’s president and CEO.

Graves, the former of governor of Kansas, said while he sympathized with Virginia’s plight in finding funding for transportation, tolls are not the answer.
Last week, Emporia Mayor Samuel Adams and Councilman Jim Saunders grilled the governor about toll plans during a Richmond radio show, saying that the tolls would hurt the economy of one of Virginia’s poorest regions.

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