Rosetta Stone introduces new language tool for businesses

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Language-learning software producer Rosetta Stone Inc. has created a language-learning program specifically designed for companies.

The Rosetta Stone Enterprise TOTALe offers companies and government agencies a tool for language-learning to expand into new marketplaces and reinforce corporate diversity initiatives.

The program builds upon Rosetta Stone’s language-learning software by allowing employees to learn at their own pace without a classroom environment. Employees can learn to speak, listen, read and write in the language of their choice by practicing conversation through various online communities, as well as participate in practice sessions tutored by native speakers.

The new software will help organizations communicate better internally and externally by breaking down language barriers.

“The main difference is that Rosetta Stone TOTALe is our most comprehensive language-learning solution,” Tom Adams, CEO of Rosetta Stone, said in a statement. “TOTALe introduces Rosetta Studio and Rosetta World, completely integrated with our award-winning Rosetta Course, so you can connect with others to strengthen your conversational skills and build confidence in using your new language.”

Rosetta Stone Enterprise TOTALe is available in 24 languages.

“In today’s global environment organizations are looking to increase their earning power, expand to new markets and gain a competitive edge,” Adams said.

Pricing for the program varies.

“Pricing for the Rosetta Stone Enterprise TOTALe is based on the number of users and set up, therefore each circumstance is unique and is based on organization size,” Adams said.

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