Performance Food Group use DNA-based meat traceability system

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Performance Food Group of Richmond and Kansas-based IdentiGEN have developed the first commercial solution to trace ground meat to its origins using DNA technology.

The collaboration marks the first time that DNA TraceBack, which was previously used to trace cuts of meat, has been used in ground beef. The technology will be used in Performance Food Group’s
Braveheart Black Angus Beef hamburgers, which are served in restaurants around the country.

“This is an exciting development in meat traceability systems, because it enables us for the first time to trace a batch of ground beef back to its origins,” Steve Sands, PFG’s vice president of protein, said in a statement. “Our Braveheart customers demand the highest quality Angus beef that has been raised in the Midwest. DNA TraceBack is a critical tool to verify that Braveheart Black Angus ground beef is what they’re getting.”

IdentiGEN’s DNA TraceBack system follows unique DNA of Black Angus cattle as they move through the production chain. The system allows individual beef patties to be traced back to their origin.
Performance Food Group is also using the technology to trade its steaks, roasts and other beef cuts.

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