New MBA program at Longwood designed for liberal arts majors

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Stereotype has it that scientists and artists are too focused on their passion to care much about improving their business skills, but Longwood University doesn’t buy that idea. Next year, the school will begin offering MBAdvantage, a special MBA program for students majoring in history, art, English, music, political science, chemistry and four other fields of study in the university’s Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences.

Under the program, students graduate in five years with an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in a liberal arts field.

Dr. Charles Ross, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, came up with the idea after realizing how many of his former physics students had taken management courses. “Several mentioned to me that they felt an MBA would be quite valuable at this stage in their career,” he recalls. “It seemed that a science graduate coming out the door with a B.S. degree and an MBA at age 22 or 23 would be in a great position for obtaining lucrative and challenging job offers,” Ross says.

The program will be offered in coordination with Longwood’s College of Business and Economics. University officials are marketing the idea to prospective freshmen and are planning a kick-off event to promote the program to current students in March.

Ross believes the program ultimately will allow more students to follow their hearts and enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences, since they and their parents will no longer “have to weigh passion versus the job market.”

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