Multikine Phase III trial approved for Russia

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Vienna-based CEL-SCI Corp. has received approval to conduct a Phase III clinical trial in Russia for Multikine, its flagship immunotherapy developed to treat head and neck cancer.

CEL-SCI said it expects to have three clinical trials in Russia. Head and neck cancers are a major cancer in Russia, according to the company. The Ethical Council with the Ministry of Heatlhcare and Social Development of Russia approved the trials.

The Phase III trials, conducted in nine countries, will be the largest head and neck trials ever conducted, CEL-SCI says. The study will help determine whether cancer patients treated with Multikine before standard cancer treatments show an increased survival rate.

Phase II clinical trials of Mulkitine showed that the drug improved patients’ survival rate by 33 percent when given 3.5 years after surgery for cancer.

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