Most couples haven’t discussed holiday shopping budget

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While most U.S. couples generally agree on how much to spend on holiday shopping, 55 percent have not discussed a budget for this year, according to a survey by McLean-based Capital One Financial Corp. on the financial habits of couples.

Still, 78 percent of couples surveyed said they generally agree with their partner on how much to spend on holiday gifts.

“Holiday anxiety can take a toll on relationships, but there are steps couples can take together, such as deciding on a budget for gifts before going shopping, that will help ease financial tensions during the holidays and beyond,”  said Shelley Solheim, director of financial education at Capital One.

The survey found that about 25 percent of couples disagree with their partner about money at least once a month. That figure increased to 36 percent of young couples, ages 18 to 34.

Most couples, 76 percent of those surveyed, believe they have the same philosophy about finances as their partner, but found most people think they are more of a saver than their spouse.

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