Mixed reaction to stimulus package

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Architecture officials in Virginia have mixed views on the effects of the federal stimulus package on their industry.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will pump $4.9 billion into the state over 27 months. Much of the money, $1.3 billion, is dedicated to shoring up the state’s Medicaid program. About $900 million is slated for transportation and infrastructure projects.

Here’s a sampling of opinions:

• “Americans are relearning that infrastructure and our cities are important and will direct stimulus funding toward the public systems on which society relies. We just can’t forget that in 10 years.” William Morrish, University of Virginia architecture professor

• “You’re not talking about zillions of dollars going to projects. It’s a minute amount of money for anybody.” Anne Henry, architectural designer with Rancorn Wildman Architects PLC in Newport News

• “The stimulus money is no doubt part of a more positive outlook for the industry.” John Braymer, executive vice president of the Virginia Society AIA

• “Overall, I think it’s a mixed bag. It will help my company overall. … The thing is that for the economy as a whole, all that money comes from somewhere and you can’t discount the massive deficit that’s on a scale unseen before.”  Edward Weaver, a vice president with AECOM Design in Arlington

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