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HemoShear forms partnership to develop database

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Charlottesville-based HemoShear LLC, a biotechnology research company, has begun a partnership with the genomic services company Expression Analysis (EA) to develop a comprehensive database evaluating the effects of new drug compounds on the vascular system.

The database will profile how human vascular cells respond at the genomic level to approximately 75 existing drug compounds that span a wide range of drug classes.

“Pharmaceutical companies can use this database to establish a true risk profile of their compounds and investigate potential positive or negative effects,” Nicole Hastings, HemoShear’s vice president of laboratory operations, said in a statement. “ A number of diabetes drugs, for example, have been shown to have adverse cardiovascular effects in humans. We can provide insights about the risks associated with continuing development of new compound candidates by comparing to other drugs in our database that are related by class, genomic signature or mechanism of action.”

EA will generate the database’s extensive genomic content by sequencing more than 2,000 human samples.

The partnership also will also extend to support HemoShear’s Division of Quantitative and Computational Sciences.  EA will provide the bioinformatics and computational infrastructure necessary to process the large volume of genomic data in a defined format from the study’s several thousand human samples. 

This work is funded by a $4.3 million, Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health.

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