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Emily Yinger 
Hogan Lovells

Title: Regional managing partner
Other legal specialties: Commercial litigation
Birthplace: Bethesda, Md.
Education: Bachelor’s degree, University of Virginia; 1984; law degree, UCLA School of Law
Husband: Scott L. Yinger
Children:  One son and two daughters
Hobbies: Travel, cooking and running
First job as a lawyer: Legal intern at United Nations Office of Legal Counsel
Fan of:  College basketball, Churchill High School Showstoppers
Favorite vacation spot: Lake Powell
Recently read book: “Madame Secretary” by Madeleine Albright
Career mentor: Robert B. Cave and the Hon. M. Langhorne Keith

What challenges does federal health-care reform pose for health insurers? 
“Health insurers will have to interpret and comply with a host of new regulations that dictate what kinds of products they can offer to consumers.  At the same time, health insurers will need to develop innovative ways to compete for a share of the new opportunities created by expanded Medicaid coverage and the individual mandate. Flexibility is key, especially because health-care reform is a political football and may be repealed or amended by Congress or struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court next year.” 
How should laws be changed to make health care more affordable?   
“We can’t answer this question without causing positional conflicts with our clients.” 

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