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Marty K. Boone
Anderson & Reed LLP

Marty K. Boone
Anderson & Reed LLP, Roanoke

Title:  Senior Manager
Birthplace: Ypsilanti, Mich.
Education: Liberty University, bachelor’s degree in accounting with concentration in computer science
Spouse:  Chris Boone
Children: Nikki, 23; Cameron, 9; and grandson Conner, 3.
Pets: “Sage and Maggie, 100-pound Labs who think they’re lapdogs.”
Hobbies: “Walking/hiking mountain trails, cycling on the Greenway, motorcycle riding on the Parkway — especially this time of year.”
Favorite vacation spot:  Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Career mentors:  “My parents and fellow CPAs, Phil and JoAnn Gilmore, who refused to let me quit my Accounting 101 class, and who lead by example.”

In what ways is the field of employee benefits changing?
“Increased legislation in this field has not yet resulted in a significant shift away from traditional employee benefits.  We anticipate that employers and providers will proactively pursue innovative ways of offering and providing desired benefits.  Wellness incentive programs, high deductible plans/HSAs, Roth accounts and flexible scheduling offer popular, cost-effective options. Despite the changing times, the goal of providing quality employee benefits to attract and retain the right type of talent will not change.”

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