Dynamic Aviation gets new initiatives off the ground

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Like many defense contactors, Dynamic Aviation is feeling the effects of sequestration and the wind down of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. But unlike many companies serving the federal government, Dynamic Aviation isn’t based in Northern Virginia or Hampton Roads — its headquarters are in the Shenandoah Valley.

Bridgewater-based Dy­­namic Aviation overhauls airplanes and modifies them for its customers, including the U.S. military. Michael A. Stoltzfus, Dynamic Aviation’s president and CEO, says the company’s revenue has dropped because of the loss of business from the federal government. While he declined to cite specific figures, he said that at its peak, the company had about 850 employees in 2011. Today, that number has declined to about 500 workers.

Stoltzfus, however, says the company is retooling for the future. To diversify its customer base, Dynamic Aviation is looking to expand internationally. It is part of the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade  (VALET) and Global Defense Initiative programs. The state programs help companies do business abroad. “It was very helpful in South America and got us connected to some folks, so we have some opportunities in our pipeline as a result of the VALET program,” Stoltzfus says.

Specifically, Stoltzfus says, Dynamic Aviation is looking to work abroad with friendly foreign governments, commercial customers and nongovernmental organizations. Dynamic Aviation also is relaunching its aircraft parts sales business.

Besides the federal government, Dynamic Aviation also works on state and local contracts and has commercial customers. For example, it works with mining, remote sensing and aerial photography companies.

Stoltzfus’ father, Karl, started Dynamic Aviation in 1967 as K&K Aircraft Inc. Today, the company owns an airport in Bridgewater and has a total of 220,000 square feet of hangar, warehouse, shop and office space and about 150 aircraft.

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