CSC report details technology that will improve patient care

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CSC has released a report identifying new health-care technologies that the company believes will improve the ways patients receive care.

The report, “The Future of Healthcare: It’s Health, Then Care,” discusses many technologies currently under development, such as pills that deliver targeted doses of medication to specific locations in the body, brain implants that prevent seizures and contact lenses with microchips that can detect glaucoma.

The report identifies five trends CSC believes will revolutionize and improve health care.

-Greater patient control of their care with technologies such as patient social networking websites and band-aid like heart rate sensors that send data wirelessly to a smart phone.

-Earlier detection of diseases using technologies such as breath tests to detect diabetes and cancer.

-High-tech implants and pills, such as glucose-monitoring tattoos and smart pills that send notifications when swallowed.

-Increase in health-care resources, such as smart-phone enabled patient coaching and monitoring and video games to hone medical skills.

-Expanded global health-care networks that will connect care and research done around the world, such as the Global Public Health Grid.

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