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A. Fredericksburg-based earth-moving company hopes that the $100 million Rolls-Royce jet engine facility set to be built in Prince George

County will turn out to be a project that keeps on giving.
Rappahannock Construction Co. Inc. (RCCI) beat out 10 other site contractors to win a $2.7 million contract awarded by the Prince George

Industrial Development Authority. The contract includes moving 225,000 yards of dirt, installing sewer lines and preparing several building

sites. The project needs to be completed by Dec. 6. “We’ve got a dozen machines working dawn to dusk every day,” says Tim Welsh, CEO of RCCI.
The company, which has 170 employees, is also one of five companies to submit a bid to the Industrial Development Authority for the

opportunity to design and build four miles of roads leading up to the building site. Welsh expects that, once Rolls-Royce expands beyond its

initial facility, there will be additional opportunities. He’s confident that his company will win some of that work.
“We’ve always distinguished ourselves as a company by being pretty straightforward,” says Welsh, 33, who bought RCCI when he was 23 years

old. “I ask customers to give us a clear goal upfront, and we’re going to get from A to B as quick as possible and do it the right way.

Unlike a lot of people in this industry, we’re not in the business of change-ordering people to death.”
RCCI has projects extending from Prince William County to Williamsburg to Harrisonburg. Welsh expects the company’s revenues to reach $40

million this year, a 20 percent increase over 2007.

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