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British company to open its first U.S. facility in Chesterfield County

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BGB Technology Inc.  announced plans Friday to set up its first U.S. facility in Chesterfield County.

The British company designs and manufactures electrical and optical slip-ring assemblies for rotary applications, including components for wind turbine systems.

The company also designs and makes underwater lighting and camera systems and wireless Ethernet bridge systems.

BGB plans to invest over $2 million in Chesterfield County and hire 15 workers as it ramps up operations in Chesterfield.

The facility will be located on Port Walthall Drive in southern Chesterfield.

“We look forward to opening our new facility and further increasing our sales to the U.S. market,” David R. Holt, CEO of BGB, said in a statement.

The 30-year-old company is a leader in the slip-ring and brush holder market in the United Kingdom.

The Virginia Department of Business Assistance will provide work-force assistance to the company.

BGB became interested in opening its first U.S. facility after attending a “Profit in America” seminar in the UK hosted by the Greater Richmond Partnership in 2010. 

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