100 Northern Virginia employers sign pledge to reduce distracted driving

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More than 100 Northern Virginia businesses have pledged to reduce distracted driving in the maze of construction zones along the Capital Beltway.

The program, “Orange Cones. No Phones. Employee Safety Pledge,” is a partnership between Transurban-Fluor and AAA Mid-Atlantic, and supported by the Federal Highway Administration, Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia State Police and Fairfax County.

The program challenged 100 employees within 100 days to take meaningful steps to reduce distracting driving. So far, 100 businesses have signed up for the pledge ahead of the 100-day mark. The commitment of these businesses means more than 100,000 Northern Virginia employees will be reached with anti-distracted driving programs and educational campaigns.

Many spots along the Beltway are currently under major construction because of the 14-mile expansion for HOT lanes. Research from Transurban-Flour and AAA Mid-Atlantic revealed that work-related pressures were a leading reason drivers used their phones while behind the wheel. The research found that 55 percent of Beltway drivers currently use their phones while driving. Half of those drivers said they are responding to work-related issues. Fifty-seven percent of those drivers said they use their phones because they feel their employers expect an immediate response.

“By seeing first-hand consequences of distracted driving every day in our hospital emergency rooms, we recognize how critical it is to take an aggressive approach against distracted driving to protect the safety of our employees, as well as the communities we are privileged to serve,” said Knox Singleton, CEO of Inova Health System.

The program offers employers an online e-toolkit with materials and information to share with their employees that is designed to reduce distracted driving, including:

Intranet copy for internal communications
Copy and banner advertisements for websites
Safety tips for drivers
Broadcast e-mail to send to employees
Distracted driving research statistics
Facebook and Twitter resources
Distracted driving FAQs

More information is available at


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