Super CPA Profile: Stephanie L. Cooker

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Stephanie L. Cooker

Carmines, Robbins & Co. PLC, Newport News

Title: Estate and trust manager
Birthplace: Hampton
Education: Bachelor’s degree, Virginia Tech
Husband: John B. Cooker
Children: Megan, 12; David, 10
Pets: Labrador named Lexi
Hobbies: Reading mystery novels
Favorite vacation spot: Sunset Beach, N.C. 
Fan of: “My children’s baseball and softball teams”
Recently read book: “Crossfire” by Dick Francis and Felix Francis
First accounting job:  Co-operative education accounting intern for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Norfolk

When is it appropriate for a client to set up a trust?
“Trusts are simply one tool that estate planners can use to help a client meet specific goals.  While all clients share a desire to minimize taxes, sometimes other, more compelling reasons exist for setting up a trust.  A trust can help provide a safety net for lifetime contingencies such as a temporary or permanent disability. Trusts also can provide financial security for loved ones while ensuring competent management of assets and minimizing exposure to liabilities.  The decision to establish a trust should be made only after considering the client’s financial and personal goals.”

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