Super CPA Profile: Kristen Soles

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Kristen Soles

Watkins Meegan, Tysons Corner

Title: Director
Birthplace: Sumter, S.C.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in business, University of Mary Washington
Husband: Steven Soles
Children: Joseph, 9; Kylah, 2
Pets: Two beagles, Abby and Toby
Hobbies:  Swimming, gym and “keeping kids from doing things they shouldn’t”
Favorite vacation spot: “Anywhere with a WIFI signal (sad but true)”
Fan of: Washington Redskins and “C-A-P-S, Caps! Caps! Caps!”
Recently read book: “The Hunger Games” trilogy by Suzanne Collins
Career mentor: “All partners in the government contracting group of my firm who have had an open door policy since the ink was still wet on my college diploma.”

Why did you decide to specialize in serving government/nonprofit clients?
“I focus almost solely on the government contracting industry.  Government contracting changes so quickly, we learn something new every day as we are exposed to new regulations and compliance issues.  Having to consider GAAP, FAR [Federal Acquisition Regulations] and CAS [Cost Accounting Standards] requirements concurrently can be challenging.  For me the draw to specialize in government contracting is a combination of the patriotic nature of my clients and the complexities of the industry’s issues.”  

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