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Museum installing electric vehicle charging station

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The Virginia Museum of Transportation is installing the first electric vehicle charging station in downtown Roanoke.

Beverly T. Fitzpatrick Jr., the museum’s executive director, said installation of the Eaton Level 2 Pow-R-Station is part of its efforts to highlight emerging transportation technologies and their effect on community development. “Alternative energies and fuels have an important place in the future of transportation,” Fitzpatrick said.

Some forecasts predict an annual volume of 400,000 battery-operated electric vehicles in North American by 2020. These electric vehicles will require substantial residential, commercial and public infrastructure to support them Fitzpatrick said.

“We’re thrilled to have the first charging station in downtown Roanoke,” said Fitzpatrick. “Our hope is that it doesn’t end here. We’d like to see more power stations throughout the Roanoke Valley.”

The Level 2 Pow-R-Station will easily fill a depleted all-electric vehicle battery in four to six hours. The charging station is mounted in front of the museum. When the installation is completed, the charging station will accept credit cards for payment.

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