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BNA index shows increasing gains in worker pay

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Arlington-based specialty publisher BNA says many private-sector workers can expect to see an increasing gain in pay by early next year.

BNA said revised third-quarter figures for its Wage Trend Indicator (WTI) showed its fifth consecutive increase.

During its history, the index has predicted a turning point in wage trends six to nine months before they are apparent in the federal employment cost index, BNA said.

The rate of annual pay increases is expected to improve from the 1.7 percent gain shown in the employment cost index for the second quarter, but the rate is unlikely to exceed 2 percent, according to BNA.

“The U.S. economy is being buffeted by more negative forces, which increases the risks, but we’re still seeing slow growth,” economist Kathryn Kobe said in a statement. He is a consultant who maintains and helped develop BNA’s Wage Trend Indicator, database, “The latest WTI continues to point to wage increases inching up, as labor markets gradually improve.

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