Letter to the Editor - August 2011

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LEAD Virginia – an organization that gets it right

To the Editor,

When I was selected to be a part of the LEAD Virginia 2011 class, I was excited for what the 2011 educational year had in store for me. Why do you ask? LEAD Virginia is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that educates proven Virginia leaders about regional differences, opportunities and challenges across the commonwealth.

Over the course of several three-day sessions spanning an eight-month period held in different regions throughout Virginia, LEAD Virginia participants meet with regional leaders to learn about assets and innovations unique to each region, best practices and how each region contributes to the whole of the commonwealth.  Whether it’s learning and discussing different issues that affect the state or offering solutions to statewide challenges, LEAD Virginia helps bring together the brightest minds in the commonwealth to help shape Virginia’s future.

LEAD Virginia’s first graduating class was in 2005.  The organization currently has more than 250 alumni who have completed the program.  When there is a problem that needs to be solved or a tough issue to be dealt with, Virginians don’t just idly stand by and let someone else take care of the problem.  Instead, we roll up our sleeves and handle the problem ourselves. That’s what LEAD Virginia has been doing since 2005, relying on the commonwealth’s best asset, the hard-working resources of its citizens.

Virginians who apply to participate and complete the LEAD Virginia program, do so because they love the commonwealth and want a brighter and more prosperous future, not only for themselves, but for future generations of Virginians.  As Virginians, small-business owners, and entrepreneurs face more and more problems during these difficult economic times, it is important to have organizations such as LEAD Virginia bring together our commonwealth’s leaders for a common cause, forward progress.

Lani Hay
Lani Hay is the founder, president and CEO of Lanmark Technology Inc. headquartered in Vienna. She is a participant in the LEAD Virginia 2011 program.

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