End the use of fossil and nuclear fuels for energy

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To the Editor,

The Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and the recent near-catastrophe at North Anna in Virginia have clearly shown us the incredible folly of atomic energy. [“Energizing our economy with nuclear power,” commentary by Christine Todd Whitman on VirginiaBusiness.com on Oct. 13.]

About 160,000 people in Japan have lost their livelihoods due to radioactive contamination and will probably never get to return home to their houses, farms, jobs, schools and communities. It is utter and complete devastation.

This catastrophe could easily have occurred in Virginia, destroying millions of livelihoods and with all probability bankrupting the state. A worst-case scenario would have led to the evacuation of Washington, D.C.

The Japanese government is currently re-evaluating the real costs of nuclear including the hidden costs, which are passed on to taxpayers. The early results are compelling: nuclear energy is far more expensive than the industry claims and even higher priced than the most expensive renewable energy sources.

Sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the reality of the risks that the antiquated and dangerous nuclear plants in highly populated areas pose to the nation is a travesty.

As one of the nation’s leaders, I hope that Ms. Whitman can reconsider her position and do the morally and ethically correct thing by supporting the end of the fossil and nuclear energy policy and move the country towards a clean and safe energy future based on risk-free power sources.

Kevin Meyerson
Tokyo, Japan

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