Super CPA Profile: Monte J. Glanzer

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Hantzmon Wiebel LLP

Title: Supervising senior
Birthplace: Harrisonburg
Education: Hesston College, associate degree in business; Eastern Mennonite University, bachelor’s in accounting; James Madison University, master’s in accounting
Spouse: Luella K. Glanzer
Hobbies: Running (training for first marathon in November), hiking and good food
Career mentor: “Ron Stoltzfus, accounting professor at Eastern Mennonite University, provided support and guidance during my junior and senior years.  Frank Berry, audit partner at Hantzmon Wiebel, has been an advocate for me and gave me the opportunity to take on many audit responsibilities as a new staff.”

What advice do you have for students considering accounting as a career?
“I would advise that if you want a career in business, consider a major or minor in accounting. Business professionals with backgrounds in accounting, I believe, are extremely marketable, have a fundamental knowledge of financial reports and transactions, and have strong analytical skills. Accounting careers in and of themselves can be very rewarding but can also provide a solid foundation for pursuing other avenues of business.”

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