Super CPA Profile: Mark Tuck

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Mitchell, Wiggins & Co. LLP

Title: Partner
Birthplace:  Richmond
Education: University of Virginia, bachelor’s
degree in commerce with concentration in accounting
Spouse: Kelly
Children: Lindsey, 20; Austin, 14; Connor, 14; Nathan, 14
Pets: Two dogs (Lolly and Honey)
Hobbies:  Pickup basketball, golf, fishing
Favorite vacation spot: Disney World
Fan of: University of Virginia
Recently read book: “Don’t Blink” by James Patterson
First accounting job:  Staff accountant, Mitchell, Wiggins & Co. LLP
Career mentor:  Jeff Love

What should be done to simplify U.S. corporate taxes?
“The U.S. Constitution can be printed on five pages.  The U.S. tax code exceeds 70,000 pages.  Changes that should be made to simplify the tax code include elimination of corporate alternative minimum tax and expansion of cash basis reporting for smaller and mid-sized businesses.  Additionally, corporate income tax rates should be reduced.  To pay for the rate reduction, various deductions and credits would need to be eliminated, thereby reducing the complexity of the tax code.”

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