Small nonprofit offers CFO many opportunities

Virginia CFO Award for Small nonprofits/government agencies:  Sharyn Hunt, CPA, VHQC,  Richmond

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Since joining the VHQC in 2005, Sharyn Hunt has strengthened the nonprofit health-care quality consulting company’s financial position as well as its position as a leader in its field.
VHQC (which originally stood for Virginia Health Quality Center) works with government agencies, private-sector payers and health-care providers to improve clinical performance, increase operational efficiency and lower the costs of care. “It’s a great company and a great fit for me,” Hunt says. “Because we do health-care consulting, I get involved in all of the different projects.”

Hunt, a CPA, already held a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s in business administration when she earned her master’s degree in biochemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2003. “I got a better understanding of disease processes and treatment plans and how they are integrated,” she says. “It helped me understand the business.”

Hunt believes her financial skills complement the talents of other leaders in the organization. “It’s a nice blend,” she says. “I can bring some strength to the table when it comes to understanding the numbers. I also bring a real sense of frugalness when it comes to finding the most cost-effective solutions to problems and getting the work accomplished.”

Her responsibilities at VHQC range from financial reporting to investments and contract administration. She also oversees the organization’s IT department. “As an officer in our company and a key member of our leadership team, Shary contributes to larger organizational decisions related to setting priorities, allocating resources and identifying opportunities for future growth,” says Donald A. Glozer, VHQC’s president and CEO. “Shary’s expertise has been an important factor in our ability to continue to grow VHQC.”

Since Hunt joined the organization, VHQC has won several competitive state and federal contracts. Her financial stewardship has increased revenues, which totaled $8.8 million in fiscal year 2011, and strengthened VHQC’s investment portfolio. She brings a bottom-line perspective to every major organizational decision and is an expert at developing complex cost proposals. “Her ability to successfully lead a variety of critical areas is what sets [her] apart as a leading CFO,” Glozer says.

In the community, Hunt served as a board member and treasurer of NOVA Swimming, a nonprofit competitive swim program in Central Virginia, from 2008 to 2011. She also is on the board of the Institute of Management Accountants.

Hunt enjoys working with the staff. “Everybody is willing to jump in and help out,” she says. “We challenge each other and bounce ideas off of each other. Working there is intellectually stimulating.”

Despite her achievements, getting the CFO award was a real shock, she says. “I was so surprised. It was very special to me.”

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