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New Day Office Products & Furnishings Inc., Suffolk

Matt Brady, the owner of New Day Office Products & Furnishings Inc., says many of its customers are looking for more than chairs and desks. “Our ideal clients are those that see their purchases as more than just furniture or products; who place value in the environments they create,” says Brady.

New Day, founded by Brady’s father, Chuck, in 1987, sells high-quality commercial furnishings and provides services including interior design, project management and strategic planning. “Our customers typically see interiors as thriving spaces. They see that they are a way to demonstrate new investment in the company, facilitate collaboration and attract and retain top talent,” says Brady.

Brady grew up in the business, working part time until his graduation from Virginia Military Institute when he became a full-time employee. He took over the role of president in 2008. “In 2011 the ownership of the company was officially transferred to me,” he says.

NewsThe company moved from its original location in Portsmouth to a larger facility in Suffolk in March 2012. “We needed to create a world-class showroom space that was also functional,” says Brady, adding, “This is a good central location.”

From 2008 to 2011, the company grew 1,069.16 percent. Brady credits that dramatic growth to the company’s “proven success as a solid and reliable supplier” and its efforts to provide clients with “seamless procurement strategies.”

New Day spearheaded a five-member team process that has attracted attention from architecture and interior design firms. “They latched onto it,” Brady says. The team concept includes an account representative and project managers as well as a lead installer and designer who monitor all aspects of each order. “We guard clients against the common errors of our industry,” Brady adds.

Last year the company aligned with Michigan-based Haworth Inc., a major designer and manufacturer of office furniture. “We are the exclusive dealer for the Hampton Roads area,” Brady says. “It represents a significant amount of commercial and government business.”

New Day’s customers include financial institutions, health-care facilities, higher education institutions, federal government agencies and the military. Seventy percent of the company’s revenue is generated by contracts with the federal government and the military. The remaining 30 percent is tied to commercial business. “We are always doing government work,” Brady says. “Our typical contracts used to be around $100,000 and now they are between $300,000 and $3 million.”

Brady sees the future as positive even in light of recent government cutbacks. “We have some very large corporate customers that are getting ready to sign with us, and they have large projects coming down the pike,” he says.

Brady is diversifying the company. “Two years ago we were 90 percent federal and 10 percent commercial. Next year we should be 50/50.”
The company has completed projects in 40 of 50 states. It also has worked on government and corporate projects abroad. Many of the government projects have been in Spain and the Azores. “We would like to continue doing work abroad and focus on winning more of that business,” Brady says, adding that he sees room for growth. “We will continue to do the things that we are doing right and to improve in processes.” 

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