Philip Morris challenges San Francisco law

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Philip Morris has filed a legal challenge to San Francisco’s ban on tobacco sales in drugstores. Philip Morris says the law is unconstitutional, asserting its First Amendment right is violated by being forced to remove product displays and advertisements from the store. The ban is not applicable to grocery stores or big-box retailers that have pharmacies,  a provision which has also prompted a lawsuit by Walgreens. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Tourism sales were generally flat this summer throughout Hampton Roads — but most hotel owners thought it would have been worse because of the weak economy. Fine dining, however, seems to have suffered. (The Virginain-Pilot)

Circuit City stock reached a 22-year low during trading on Thursday. The Richmond electronics retailer saw its stock price fall to $1.40 earlier in the day. The stock hasn’t been that low since 1986. This comes during a week in which company CEO, Chairman and President, Philip J. Schoonover, abruptly resigned. Schoonover will receive a $1.8 million severance package. (The Associated Press)

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