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Thomas A. Lisk

Title:  Vice President and shareholder
Birthplace:  Roanoke
Education: Bachelor’s and law degrees, Washington & Lee University
Current professional activities: Virginia Administrative Law Advisory Council;  State Law Resources Inc. (a network of independent lobbying law firms); Alliance of Alcohol Industry Attorneys and Consultants; Editorial Board, Virginia ABC Board Licensee Newsletter
Family: Wife, Anita Sykes Lisk; children, Sarah, 21, and Matthew, 18
Hobbies: Golf, reading, travel
Previous employer: Hazel & Thomas PC (1985-1994)
Fan of: Virginia, history and tourism.
Favorite vacation spots: Mountains and beaches.
Mentors: William G. “Bill” Thomas, Gary D. LeClair

What type of clients do you represent before the legislature and regulatory boards? 
“I represent a wide variety of regulated businesses and several statewide trade associations (e.g., Virginia Retail Merchants Association, Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association) before the Virginia General Assembly and various state regulatory agencies, with particular emphasis on the beverage alcohol industry (distilleries, wineries, microbrewers).”

Do you think that the legislature will allow ABC stores to be privatized? 
“ABC privatization may come to pass at some future time in Virginia, but not likely soon.  There are too many heavily entrenched interests that benefit from the limited access by Virginia consumers to distilled spirits in slightly more than 300 state-operated liquor stores, even though the state ABC Board has licensed more than 3,800 locations to sell packaged beer and wine to Virginia consumers.  Only when Virginia consumers insist on distilled spirits being as readily available as beer and wine will we likely see privatization come to pass”.

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