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House committee approves renewal of 320,825 square-feet for U.S. Joint Forces Command in Suffolk

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There was good news for Suffolk following a review of federal lease options by a House of Representatives committee. The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure voted last week to authorize appropriations for a lease renewal option for up to 320,825 square feet of space for the U.S. Joint Forces Command, Joint Warfighting Center, in Northern Suffolk.

On a voice vote the committee approved $5 million for a lease term of up to five years for the facility located at 116 Lakeview Parkway.  The action seems to indicate that the region will keep a major military function that was already hit once, when the U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) was disestablished by the government on Aug. 31, 2011, as a part of cost-cutting measures by the U.S. Department of Defense.

At one point, JFCOM employed more than 3,000 contractors and 2,800 service members, with nearly 3,900 in Suffolk and Norfolk. While about 1,900 of those jobs were cut, nearly half of JFCOM personnel and funds remained in the region, along with core missions, such as joint training, which were moved to the Joint Staff in the northern Suffolk facility.

“At the federal level, this has been approved and is moving forward. What you’ve got is the stabilization of a significant presence in Northern Suffolk being justified and getting through the federal process,” said Gregg Christoffersen, a vice president for Jones Lang LaSalle in Hampton Roads.

Helping to keep Suffolk vital as a military location was an announcement in June by the U. S. Navy that it’s moving the 10th Fleet Cybercommand to Northern Suffolk,  from Little Creek in Norfolk. This relocation will add to the cluster of military activities at the Harbour View facility.

The House Committee also approved appropriations for a replacement lease of up to 87,000 square feet of space for the Department of Defense, Defense Security Cooperation Agency, at Crystal Gateway North in Arlington.

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