CPA profile: Elaine F. Farmer

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Bowling, Franklin & Co. LLP, Fredericksburg

Title:  Partner
Education:  Bachelor’s degree in accounting, George Washington University/Benjamin Franklin University
Other professional certifications: Certified Specialist in Estate Planning (CSEP)
Birthplace:  Fredericksburg
Husband: Emory Farmer
Children:  Dianna Leslie and Shannon Duncan, who are both adults and married
Hobbies: Painting, mostly landscapes
Favorite vacation spot:  Duck, N.C. 
Favorite meal:  Steamed shrimp and linguini
Fan of:  “Napoleon Hill and his timeless business principles and Warren Buffett and his practical and innovative investment strategies”   
Recently read: “Who Killed Change” by Ken Blanchard and John Britt
First accounting job: A CPA firm at the Watergate in Washington, D.C.
Career mentor:  My husband, for always believing in my abilities

What advice do you have for new CPAs?
“Understand that your entire career will be a learning and growing process and embrace this as a wonderful opportunity. Be competitive with yourself by setting goals and benchmarks.  Know that passing the CPA exam is only a start and not the finish.”

How has the recent market turmoil affected estate planning?
“I believe everyone is in a holding pattern waiting to see a glimpse of the recovery.  Many people will probably put off planning until the estate tax laws are defined going forward and the recovery is visible.”

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