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The Commonwealth of Virginia wants to be a partner to business owners — not a hindrance.  That’s why the Virginia Department of Business Assistance (VDBA) revamped Business One Stop (, an online, interactive portal that provides future and existing business owners access to the information they need to operate in Virginia.

“Business One Stop is set up to facilitate easy access to both state and federal resources that are available to business owners,” says Peter Su, director of the VDBA and deputy secretary of commerce and trade for Virginia. “We have organized information in the following categories to mirror the life cycle of a business: those considering starting a business, those ready to begin the registration process to start a business, those already running a business, those who would like to expand their business, and lastly those companies outside of Virginia who would like to learn more about the advantages of relocating their business to the state.”

The remodeled site, launched on Dec. 27, 2010, was expanded to include resources from seven state agencies that commonly serve Virginia businesses.

The site allows business owners to receive customized assistance in filling out forms and registrations that are required to start and launch a business in Virginia. For a $20 fee, users can create an account, which will populate necessary forms for commonwealth agencies and develop customizable lists of fees, forms and registrations required for your specific business. 

“The new BOS helps with electronic form entries and some online registration processes,” says Su. “Going forward, we will continue to refine the system so even less paper submission forms are needed.”

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