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John B. McCammon
The McCammon Group, Richmond

Title: President
Other legal specialties: Alternative dispute resolution of commercial disputes
Birthplace: Richmond
Education: Bachelor’s degree, Davidson College; master’s degree in public affairs, University of Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs; law degree, University of Virginia School of Law
Wife: Alexis McCammon
Children: Katy, 32; Molly, 29; Erin, 26
Hobbies:  Golf
First job as a lawyer: Working at McGuireWoods
Fan of: James Taylor
Favorite vacation spot: Santa Fe, N.M.
Recently read: “Mediating Legal Disputes” by Dwight Golann
Career mentor: The Hon. William B. Spong Jr., senator, dean, bar leader, peacemaker

How has ADR changed since you began The McCammon Group?
“In the early 1990s, many lawyers viewed ADR as inconsequential. At the same time, many other lawyers viewed ADR as threatening to their roles as advocates. Much has changed over the last 20 years. ADR, primarily mediation, has now become a vital step in the dispute resolution processes used by virtually all litigators. Lawyers today are dramatically more sophisticated in their ADR advocacy skills and in their strategic use of ADR.  Its effectiveness, efficiency and usefulness to lawyers, as they seek better ways to serve their clients, is now without question.” 

How did you become involved in alternative dispute resolution?
“Before becoming an ADR professional, I was involved in commercial litigation disputes (1976-1993) which often utilized arbitration and mediation for resolution.  After retiring from my law practice in 1993, I studied ADR practices throughout the nation at a time when there was no meaningful professional ADR market in Virginia. Combining these experiences with an educational background in psychology and public policy, I chose in 1994 to develop an ADR group that could serve the needs of individuals, businesses and governments in dispute.”

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